Monday, October 6, 2008


I finally finalise my VISA and AIR TICKETS today!! WOOOOHOOO!!!

China Embassy was madness for its queue. It opens at 9am and the queue started at 8am! We got there at 8.20am and was baking under the scorching sun.. Luckily things went smoothly and there won't be anymore waiting around!

Caught my first horror movie in dunno how many %#$%@#%@$^#&#% years with the volleyball co.

No lar.. its like 3 years since i last watch one in the cinema. I've got to say i like this movie. Storyline isn't dumb, scary enough and it has a good variety on it's scenes. Quite an unexpected ending.

Anyway, I kinda freak out in the cinema. Screamed and rolled myself into one small ball. Plus there was a scene that shocked me and i hit over the Ice Lemon Tea cup. LOL. It spilled onto my poor friend who happened to be wearing a white polo tee. SEE! Don't drag me in to watch another horror movie anymore.

Caught The House Bunny with Benedick that day at JP. NICE SHOW! catch it. Quite funny cause there is a dumb blonde inside. =p


James finally book outta camp before Hari Raya and we caught up for a drink.
He said he wanted to go somewhere to chill so i decided to check out The Loof!

Mr Botak James.

Think the botak doesn't really make a big big difference. nothing funny to laugh about lehs. so we just had random chats.

In that island too long liao ~ forgotten how to smile.

LOL. We took quite a number of photos before he got back his smile.


Glad to see him enjoying his NS.

P/S: Take care of your health, you know what i mean. =)


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