Monday, September 15, 2008

worth smiling

I've started getting out of my comfy bed and moving around. Friday night mahjong and stayover. Saturday Chinese Garden with the sec sch co. And FISH sunday with volleyball co.

Shall elaborate more on the FISH sunday when i'm done with the photos. =X

Kinda sucks waiting for a date to happen... I seriously don't know when my attachment is starting. Zzz. Can't help it.... but i've decided to go back sushi tei and work part time again. YES, serve my hours and ass over there. Not too bad~ with a week of schedule worth 200bucks, i'm nearer to my materialistic goals.

Meanwhile, busy with IMP-IRE.BLOGSPOT.COM because orders came flooding in at one whole shot~ LOVE IT and HATE IT

Was browsing in nuffnang's referrals for IMPIRE's account and decided to look at some tagboards link.


NO, i did not spam her board. But someone helped me pass a word! hoho! Thanks to whoever it is, and happening to be reading now.


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