Sunday, September 28, 2008

farmiliar face

Caught this move "THE DAYS" in cinema that day.

It is a local production filmed in a different way. Though i feel the feelings and emotions did not have strong injections into the storyline but you should catch it on a weekday. The characters acting are really Ahbeng and Ahlian enough and while i was watching the "RAT" act, i almost wanna whack him. Cause he really got the "qian da" face. WAHAHA!

Funny thing is, i know one of the 4 brothers inside. Was watching and wondering at the beginning "Why that botak so familiar ar?" The botak didn't speak much so he had little frames in the movie, but you keep seeing him smoking. LOL. End up it was Derrick from the Choonwee gang. Met him when we were having west coast prata the other time.


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