Thursday, August 28, 2008


What does it feels like to be under the knife?

Only having that part being numb.
And still being conscious.
Knowing that they are cutting a part of you up.

WAH LUA EH!!!!!!!!
i'm screaming and jumping around now. cause i keep visualizing what might be happening tml!

I actually got the appointment book about a few weeks ago le. And i thought i would be prepared. But apparently, i am NOT. -.-

Now Alan says i might not be operating tml. Cause i switched from private to government, so i have to go through all the "useless" procedures again. AHHHHH! shit it! nb.

I've got a very nice friend who is going to acc me tml and give me a little courage. And jonathan was so nice to offer to send me home if no one is around lar! =X

Please give me a little MORE MORE courage to go through the injections. =(


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