Monday, August 18, 2008

Laziness eating me up

You know...... it's the exam period now and everyone probably just looks like this.

Pouring down all the caffeine they can find just to stay awake or maybe.....

trying to do all the last minute studying.

Of course, i find this cat rather cute. So i decided to post it up as well. Like machiam tio electrocuted. lol.

Under google's images of "stress".. i also found this.

Hope it is of some help... =)

And after seeing all this pictures, you must be wondering if i have exams anot right?!


Seriously, i have larh. 2 papers. First paper on Tues. Last paper on Wed. Beautiful. All the Post-Exam parties all planned out. GREAT! Love'it.

But...... my Pre-exam plans was supposed to be STUDYING, but plan failed.

Olympics and sleeping kept me occupied. =/


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