Sunday, August 10, 2008

as we walk to the left.....

HEY! How did you guys celebrate national day?!

I officially claim myself as a pangseh-kia-pro. LOL. I ps-ed about 4 or 5 people yesterday? =/ Half of them jio-ed me to watch the fireworks and have phototaking sessions, but i was purely too tired and drained from all the projects. Eh, call it the Post-Project Syndrome.

I lay my ass in bed till don't know #$^$^$%&$%@#%#&#% time then i finally got up to watch TV. Waited till the NDP came along with the Black Knights air show. NICE! cool.. love the heart shape. =)

Then out to JEC to meet zuoting and yuting for LJS dinner. Decided to play arcade. LOL. We purchased the Tapzcard and played so many games that amounted to about $15? haha.. but it was real fun!! *piak piak piak* game.

Had McDonald's icecream and continued to chat. Yuting left and we went to my place bus stop intending to take 185 to yx place, but we missed the last bus! Reluctant to take cab and knowing its still an hour early before meeting Jianming, we came out with a crazy idea to walk!

WALK WALK WALK. From my place to Westwood Walk. PRO! we got there an hour later! I seriously feel pro cause i actually knew how to walk through those dark areas and tolerate the challenge. HEE!

Stayed over at yx place for mahjong. Got ben, jianming, zuoting as well. cool cool. Morning breakfast at MY MCDONALD'S!

Photo taken on the day we stayed over to play taboo.


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