Thursday, May 15, 2008

What happens in Vegas

Its so longgggg ago that i caught this movie with the clique. Lemme see, there was yingxuan, sichyi, mingwei, ben, benjamin and ginmin!

I love this photo!

I would recommend you guys to catch it cause its worth it. I pretty much love the storyline and its something funny that you'll just have a good laugh. Ending wasn't something that i expected and it wasn't abrupt. =)

After that, we proceeded to eat dou hua near Park lane. And then off we went to Mind's Cafe.

Introduced by Ben, we played this game for like....... TWO HOURS?! LOL. super bo hua. But its so funny to see Ginmin's answer and then Ben's answer. Interestingly, i cracked my brains trying to form my answer as close to the card's answer as possible, that i suffered from a headache after that. -.-" oh great. o.O

Thats All! Off i go to play my game.
Btw, if you have psp, you should really play FF's crisis core! ;)


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