Monday, May 26, 2008

Its Ben's day

Nope, its not ben and jerry's free ice cream day BUT Benedick's birthday! Happy 20th =)

The photos are still undergoing processing and I'm too tired to blog too. So i'll leave everything to tml.

the volleyball gang were out the whole day from morning till night, filled with activities - thanks to yingxuan. And of course, Jian Ming for the car. If not the birthday surprise wouldn't have worked out.

Yeaps, and one of the places we headed to was the beach! sentosa!
Anyway, im a half cooked lobster now. Cause i kept standing on one side of the beach. So the left is more tan and cooked than the right side. LOL.

By the way, are green grapes suppose to be sour and purple ones sweet?

Hmmm.. i still prefer seedless ones.


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