Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April's Fool

I havent really "celebrated" April's Fool in like so many Godzillion years. I couldnt be bothered to plan out some stunts to trick my friends. Hahaha.. so to me, 1st April = NORMAL DAY.

But this year.......... i have ONE VERY EXCEPTIONAL friend who pulled a trick on me. She said she was attached to X liao. Idiotically, forgetting its 1st april, i believe and congrats her (even wanting to call her liao) then she said its april's fool. -.-

Another sent me a long long long chinese text saying its april fool. I replied him "how old liao, still playing this." He said he had a 1000 sms to waste. -.-

WHY DO I HAVE FRIENDS LIKE THIS. LOL. Being 1st april totally slipped outta my mind. Hmmm.. Maybe because to me, April means RICH MADEY!!
yeaps! my first ITP pay is chequed it!

Im so happy.
Bestie gave me a treat to Sushi Tei yesterday. Yums Yums.
Jamester came over my place to stay last night, although he kept kicking against my bed -.-

Dawn came down to my office today and had lunch with me plus accompanied me till 6pm. She chased away the "office sleepy" spells. HAHA!
We discussed about our mini plan and i cant wait for the whole thing to be carried out!!

I played volleyball, FINALLY.
I had great laughter with the gang.
AND LASTLY! My man came to send me home!


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