Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Marketing & IB


I got into the option i want. But only to find out that i don't know anyone in the same option as me! PLUS - looking at the modules for International Business, i'm starting to have jelly legs. I really doubt if i can cope with the modules. The name given to it seems VERY HARD. 4 out of 5 module's name has the word "INTERNATIONAL". Oh Great, i cant stand China or Russia. Spare me.

Anyway, to find out that SO MANY OF MY CLASSMATES ARE IN MARCOMM, i feel super gek sim. AND AND AND AND.... there are only 2 classes and i think i already know a class full of students in it liao. Zzz.

AND YES! i'm feeling super paronoid now cause IM SELECTING TIMETABLE AT 2.30pm later!!!!!

add me on msn: babyboo020989@hotmail.com
if you are also in Mrkting - IB.


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