Tuesday, February 26, 2008


im a kid trying to be an adult.

9-6 isnt a joke.
i thought i was able to get outta office and experience something new, it was until that stupid person cancelled it. THEN i was stuck in my seat for the bloody 9 hours. but i did learn alot today. and while sharing with jamester, he also know about it! *yeaps* its great to have such a smart man beside me.

tuesday outta office, wednesday outta office. hmmm.. i hope there will be more! cause liddat, i will be able to stay outta paper work for 4 hours!!! hohoho..

went for training despite feeling tired. jamester came over despite being tired and i saw his wrist being injured. =( im so sad........ even more sad for not seeing him for so so so long. insisted that i dont want to go home. so we went to a nearby park to SIT AND TALK. lol.. crap alot and he couldnt take it, so he faster shoo me back home. =p

when i met you, i did my usual routine.
i sniff HARD and DEEP into your shirt....... and yes! its that smell that i miss loads.
im sure that it isnt any dream anymore.


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