Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Last Saturday, i and Jamester finally hit town for some shopping.
Me looking for CNY clothing.
He looking for Prom night clothing.
Freaking jealous that he will be good looking that night and i cant even catch a glimpse of him. Hmm.. he better share with me the photos for that night, if not i will whine till his ears drop. LOL! A night for him to be eyed by ladies. =)

Anyway, the whole day felt so special! Both of us seldom shop together. We seldom hit town together and into every single shop. And we had dinner out - Sushi Tei!

Ladies can be lousy in everything, except shopping!

Some loots that i got.... one more weekend before the CNY so im searching for more. =/





Ive concluded: Jamester is a lousy shopping mate! Haha.. i promise to train him to walk longer distance with me..

Quoted by him "Wah.. so far. I go home and take the car first larh. you go and shop. done then tell me okay? i come pick u up." Cause he cannot tah han liao. MUAHAHAHAHA!


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