Friday, January 25, 2008


After such a bad day, my emotions isnt of a stable state now.

Throat was killed once again after i gobbled down the delicious fish and chips this afternoon. I woke up just now with a terrible cough that practically tore my throat like what happen the last time. Zzz. Am i going to die of some throat cancer or something?

I ran through Dawnie's blog and she bought lovely stuff for CNY. DAMN. i start waving frantically in the air cause i havent bought mine. -.- This year, im intending to get maybe a dress and a top. or maybe 2 tops. But definitely red, cause i love red this season. Sad to say, im sick and tired of buying new shoes, so old ones still work the best for me.

As for when i will buy.......... probably tomorrow. Hope theres no disappointments.

I dreamt of all the important things in my life.......... that included you. But with a very bad state. Sigh.


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