Saturday, January 5, 2008

Projects done


Its a day with TWO PROJECTS DUE. and one of them was a major module which sent 3 girls pulling their hair outs because the teacher said "i cant identify your economic troubles form your report, you have not discussed" SERIOUSLY, i was shot dead on the spot. but thankfully, i had rainiee and geok as my mates. they stayed up till 4am to complete their parts and send me. i woke up at 5am and did till this morning for submission.

Second project was done quite awhile ago. and the teacher claimed to push forward the due date from this coming monday to today because "it wont clash with other module submission." HELLO?!! whats IEF then?

Im left with one project untouched and my Accounting Individual Assessment. =)

School changed away the Vin Enterprise photocopy office....... ITS A BAD BAD CHOICE. the machine they use to photocopy is slow, the manpower is slow, and they can to manually unstaple, separate and staple again! WTH. waiting time of 25 mins with only 3 students in front of us..... PATHETIC! How the hell are they going to handle the large amount of students flooding in to photocopy every monday morning?

i think, they caused some groups to have late submission too. =/

Met my guy after school. bought dinner over to his place and we just slacked infront of the TV. its been a long long time since i watched the TV for 2 hours, for my record - its long enough. LOL. i was half tired and really felt like sleeping. while my guy was spending his time cursing and swearing PLUS whining over his failed wireless connection. -.- i was too tired to argue.. hee. i think i keep quiet and listen can liao.

i manage to watch till the U.S latest episode of Grey's Anatomy season 4 and Ghost Whisperers Season 3. WOOOHOOO! im going to start another drama soon.... =D


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