Wednesday, January 16, 2008


When i was bathing this morning, i sprained my neck. Okay.. maybe not till the extend of having a cast around it, BUT STILL, i cant look to my right now! DAMN. i spend my day talking to my friends on my right, facing the front and other times talking to my friends on my left. GEES! i had kind of bad headache with the limited space for rotating my head. -.-

This semester, almost all my projects met with unholy obstacles, with a desprate state of almost REDOing. THAT SUCKS. cause my time are being drained off again.

Afternoon went back to Huayi. Met up with Anson and Mr Soo to chat. Headed down to meet my haopengyou. YEAH! Finally met her for Pizza Hut. Haa!

Anyway, i reached home, read something online from a friend which totally disappointed me.. I think its time to gossip with haopengyou. i bet when she know liao, she also DIAO! and im very sure the next morning (thurs), she will be reading this and smsing me!! WAHAHAHAHA. Point is, im lucky to have friends who are around me in spore to accompany me. i dont feel pathetic.

Im glad to have a happy guy who is my shining knight! =p


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