Tuesday, December 11, 2007

leopard spots dont change

The last time when i was studying in school, this is the amount of snacks i and rainiee indulged in.
And im going to remember the "goldfish" snack .aka. dog food forever! Rainiee knows why... Dumbster knows why......... LOL!

I was blog hopping just now and i chanced upon this girl's (whom i know) blog. when i read the entry, i just shaked my head. They always say, leopard spots dont change, especially guys. im glad she moved on and the scenerio she stated, i pretty much have had that experience before. The thing is, relationships lasting for about a year or so, screwed up because a guy who lies, flirts and kiss other girls seem sooooo.... "bastard" *lost of vocab*

Good thing was, she didnt whine a single bit on the blog. seriously cannot tahan those people who whine (esp say that they wanna die -.-) and those who obviously ARE MOVING ON, but just want to deny the fact that they are.
HAH! Anson mei, ive finally touched on THIS POINT! *after so longggg*
Anyway, a blog full of ranting and how much badness is happening to your life after "he" left and commenting on how "he" had been so good to you and now "he" is treating you like shit, IS SOoooo, "want to let HIM read" type of post. YAH, he is reading but so what. give him a break man. he gives a shit about you cause he wants you to move on and you know deservingly well that after you have moved on, he will then be friends with you. GROW UP. dont blame him for the breakup. Yah, he left. but its better now than later when relationship has grown to 6-7 months then he say his word of "bye". GROW UP girl, you still have many dozen years to live.

Coming back to me...... Dumbster is still dumbster. and as usual, he will everyday drop me a "love you!" msg. hah! when will it be the day that he forget? i think by then, i must be well prepared to pick a fight with him.
so if one day "you" decide to forget, remember to pick a bright and sunny day, ok? LOL.
AND PLEASE, dont forget our monthsary and aniversaries, I KILL YOU! *in AchMed accent*

I know you're reading this, drop me a morning text.
And call me at 11am okay? bleahs!


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