Friday, November 30, 2007


As usual, mood still not regained. maybe is the pre-common test syndromes.
No class today, had my well-deserved sleep with my Princeton.

Ive been wanting to catch a sunrise like this, at the horizon.

And i know Singapore is hard to find a good spot.
Considering all the buildings and ships obstructing the beautiful sea.

So i end up always seeing this type of sky. (-.-)Zzz

Hmm.. he is still here, stayed and not leaving. so i guess he really love me.

we had ours 2hours ago, but im missing it now.
3 days before i can take another glimpse of boyf.

Jeroen's Art are so cute and funny. Its his Happysad Cartoons!
I will post some when i feel he is drawing what im feeling.
And currently, i just got to imagine boyf presence cause the next few days, he will be at the another end of singapore.
i will just let my ass rest in jurong.


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