Wednesday, November 28, 2007

polympics rantings

Braving through the stormy rain, getting on the empty bus, sucking mini chupachups lollipop, sounds heavenly.

But my day wasn’t that great actually. Sigh.

Was in a foul mood. had a very tiring Tuesday and an early Wednesday. I felt super FOUL and Temperamental. PSP failed to cheer me on my ride home cause it went on an empty bar.
Wanted to sleep so badly but I had too people searching for me on my mobile. But i woke up laughing at dumb dumb's jokes.

Yesterday’s game wasn’t the fantastic one. We had too much faults and we barely made our attacks successful. We were playing rallies and just waiting for a fault to happen. Be it touch net, touch out, out ball, stepping on the line or whatsoever, we just kept all our eyes on the possible faults. First match lost and the remaining 2 were critical. My heartbeat couldn’t catch up with the speed of the game. Anticipation was so high that I guess my heart almost failed.

As usual, organization got kinda screwed up. Round Robin turn out to be not exactly the round robin we wanted. We got 2nd initially. But due to some reasons, 1st was disqualified and we topped the table. Either way, we’re able to make our way down on Saturday.

When the group was told that they had been DQ, I saw them (or should I say him) walk off peaceful. Not a single sign of anger. MAYBE he felt it was really their fault. MAYBE he was way too _l_ up with the organization that he saved his energy in protesting.. Either way, even if they’re in or out, I guess it won’t affect me.


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