Monday, November 19, 2007


bf made me angry for the first time.
i felt like a loser for the first time too.

for the first time, bf helped me alot in my project.
and for the first time i stayed over at his place till so late.

1am we went over to KAP's mcdonald.
First time driving through the system and its a very nice experience!
bf ordered a meal while i had my apple pie.

i fed bf in the car and he came out with ONE WHOLE list of theory about eating in the car is very good and it makes the food tasty.

Quoted from his msn "having Mac in the Car Taste Extremely Tasty!!! "
-_________- *speechless*

before i left, i dropped the straw wrapper into the brown bag that contained the frenchfries.

and something hilarious happen when bf was on his way home!

dumb dumb put his fingers into the brown bag and mistook the wrapper as a fries! he was wondering "eh? why the fries suddenly so long?"
And before he knew it, it was inside his mouth.

Just the right name used to call him, DUMB DUMB. =p
*dont kill me for blogging this out here*


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