Sunday, November 18, 2007


Mum wanted to cook a normal soup for all us to drink. But dad's itchy fingers threw in more ingredients which were mainly HERBS. The soup ended up to be too NUTRITIOUS.

I almost felt i was going to nose bleed.

I played mahjong with my family on friday till 5am. i was the big winner of the colourful chips. and i didnt see boyfriend on friday. i had a nightmare about i and him that night and i thought yesterday would be another day of not seeing him, but he came down to pick me from work! *cheers* we had hagendaz icecream.

I was so tired last night that i fell asleep while dota-ing. LOL. they were all messaging me to backoff, but my little character just stood there, I escaped near death.

I am currently being very random because i woke up at 2pm waiting to see my boyfriend. But till now, he is nowhere to be seen. =(


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