Sunday, October 7, 2007

JCB sushitei Card

Unusual things has been happening in my workplace recently. The conveyor belt spoilt, cutomer peeing w/o closing the door (he's a guy -.-), extra ordered or ordered lesser qty and a sudden burst of EXCESSIVE plates/bowls or spoons.

Feeling so warm at work considering we have so many aircons. And sweat rolling off our foreheads proving to the supervisors that we are working hard enough! With that warm feeling, we got more hot tempered and eventually feeling more tired.

On the lighter note, ive received my JCB sushi tei card! Woohooohooo! ive got vochers to use now!

Mum's the principle, im the supplementary holder.

Past few days past eventfully with a ladies night and a midnight mahjong session. Yawns! i need my dota now. Plus a few epi of Ghost Whisperers to keep me going.

New Song:
My chemical Romance - Welcome to the black parade


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