Wednesday, October 17, 2007

IEF first lect

For once, a lecture intensity scared the hell outta me! LOL.
IEF first lecture sounded like it was the last lecture. Silence in class plus an old witch teacher (yingxuan knows who im refering too) And the saddest part is, she's my tutorial teacher.
Called her a witch cause she knows HELL LOTS of news. Like a walking Newspaper. And she just bombed us with loads of globalisation organisation questions.

Hunger came in halfway through the lecture. Co-op was just outside the room but it seemed so far cause not a single student went out to have a pee. So where would i have the guts to go out and grab a bite. haha..

Although she ONLY touch the first page of the lecture notes and she talked a hell lots of useful crap plus test tips that i and my friends didnt manage to understand. But her attitude sure wont get you into your lalaland when u r fugging tired. I guess your eye lids wont even dare to close for 10secs or more.

And thats how my scary mondays and tuesdays would be, if she continues to be my teacher.

Raining also dampen the spirits of us.. we eventually went home w/o training.


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