Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hunger forgotten

Back to a full day of work after a 2 days break.
Started at 10am, didnt feel hungry at all. Indulged myself in my strawberry yogurt drink and by 3pm (break time) i bought Beef hor fen. I was SUPER TURN OFF. i ate only 1/4 and threw the rest away. it tasted abit burnt =(

Headed to sleep at 3.30 till 6pm. Woke up with a sore throat. and the rest of my day were sneezes. =((
It was an exceptionally busy wednesday. Sales of 9.3K (not bad sia) and halfway through the night, i was sent in to the kitchen to be runner again. LOL. only punched out at 1030pm and i didnt have my mouth on sushis.

Met up with Rainiee babe at Hogs. Chatted for awhile until i got a surprise call from James. LOL. Hilarious enough, he was blabbering rubbish cause he was half drunk -.-"

My hunger was taken away with a day full of busyness.
And now im chewing on a bowl of LOR MEE maggie mee.


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