Tuesday, September 11, 2007

short preview - D&D

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Sushi Tei 13th Anniversary Dinner and Dance.
Holland Village Crew.

Up to 300 Photos including those that has "Eeeee. not nice. One more, one more."
Endless Flashes, Tons of smiles. Plus a little fight of the kitchen stuff outside the ballroom (non of my business cause it happens yearly) Had a terrifying time trying to escape from a guy. And lots of lies had to be made in order to carry out plan 2.
And the party didnt stop in the ballroom, it moved on to Liquid Gold with 2 China Sq friends. OH GOSH~ i was partying with JIAXIN!
Hoho.. i almost forgot she was from sushitei too, till she text me saying she was 2 tables away. =D

Mouth had a tiring night.
Eat, smile, talk, sing, drink.
Head spin like it was having a disaster drill.
And everything ended at 3am.

Pretty ladies, Handsome Guys.
Absolute Vodka with Green Tea.
Camwhore sessions.
I just love sushi tei.

This year, i have an eye candy to see. His cute. =)


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