Sunday, September 2, 2007

happy birthday

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Im not an ungrateful bitch, ok?
So here i am, Thank you!!
Sorry to kk and prof ha-la for not being able to talk to you over the phone.
Sorry to those who i had to ask "who are you?" lol.

And i will blog soon with the photos when im free. PROMISE.

Saturday was spend with Haopengyou. And at night along with Eric.
Had a mini celebration with a Chocz cake.
3 wishes for the Genie. I wonder if he heard me, "Hellooooo?? Can you make it come true?"
Bourbon coke that didnt have any taste of coke and afew emotic english songs plus chinese words that seem unfamiliar to me.
Oh man, my chinese sucks now.
Ktv all the way till 3am.

Got up the cab and the familiar song rang through my ears, "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs".
I know who you are le. Thanks for the text. =)

Expect the unexpected.

Ps; Pengyou, im glad you are so happy now. He is a nice guy, tho abit naggy, but still, he is so nice and sweet to u lar! Im jealous. hohoho..... i think i'll go to my bed now and hug my pig le. Thanks for the present and everything.. Love you soooooo much!


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