Thursday, August 23, 2007

Random rants

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I studied SUPER hard this time round.
Sleepless nights and endless formulas.

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Plus Fancy gems that only cost me only 1 dollar

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More photos on my LJ. =D

Friday's paper on Blaw was a waste. i Studied alot on some particular topic, yet the coverage wasnt there. SAD!
I didnt manage to finish writing my paper. DOUBLE SAD!
I was late for 20mins due to the morning rain and bus 99. The fact was that i went out earlier than usual. TRIPLE SAD!

Other papers were fine. Wont fail for sure. Maybe a D. But no As, for sure.

Caught Music and Lyrics DVD and ive got to admit that its really a nice show! i cant help listening to the songs over and over again on my ipod.
And as i was flipping through the channels, i abruptly stopped by channel5. Mesmerised by the guy strumming and singing aloud. Yes, Ghost Whisperer.

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One song you cant miss.

New Song Posted:
Midnight Hour - Running Away


Last week was the Singapore fireworks festival.
Somehow, i missed it again.
I mean, i gave it a miss cause i didnt have a love one to see with.
Last year, i had someone who recorded it down for me to watch it on computer.
This year, no one.
Nah... nvm. I saw some photos from other's blog. And it was indeed lovely.

I had a short run with Zhiwei. Indeed one short one. ONE ROUND AROUND the canal.
Wahahaha.. i feel bad for the fats accumulating around my waist. =/

And of course, on tues, i met up with Bestie for lunch. As usual, he bullied me.
Sighers. Bestie and Haopengyou make a K.O combo for me.
DIEEEE.. and they want to meet up together with me for dinner around my birthday.


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