Sunday, August 12, 2007

missing bestie

Currently missing Bestie..

Where is Bestie? Ive got so much to talk to you about.
I cant remember his hp number.

Dawn's number is written in my notebook. So are the rest of the sistas.
Leng's number is missing now. Gosh. -.-

Actually, i cant remember anyones number. not even my mum's hp. Zzz.
The only hotline thats in my mind is "1633" and "6xxMYHOUSENUMBER"

If i ever get lost, Then GG liao. Theres a stupid person(vin) who still wants to meet me at Boat.Q tml. -.- Im bound to get lost le. I hope the outing will turn out fine, considering was so piss the past few days. Better have a good reasoning for me.


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