Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lost my HP

Family Lunch at Thai-Pan Restaurant.
Recieved my gifts from Sister. She just came back from Hong Kong!

Went over to People's Park for my toiletries restocking.
Dawn: the makeup remover is $7.50. =)

Sister and mum tried to convince me not to work, but i insisted i wanna work cause today im runner plus i only start work at 5pm. 8 bucks lehs.

Turn out my worst nightmare happened.
I used the toilet and hung my hp by the door. i forgot to take it and 45mins later, it was gone and off-ed. WTF. there was only 4 tables in the restaurant at that time. Cant check customer's bag, cant do anything. just had to cancel my line.
Teared after all that had happened. broke a bowl, made mistakes here and there. MY DAY JUST SUCKS LAR!

Called Alan to come down in the night to pick me up from work. Had my NYDC goldmine cheesecake then we drove around. Wanted to find Zhiwei to chat, but he was over at the movies. Too bad. We ended up at my house void deck talking and eating my cake.
So sad................. =(

Tml im going to reactivate my line. About the phone, i'll think about it again.
The dream of getting N76 seems EVEN FURTHER now.
Contacts lost, thats the worst.
This is my 4th time losing my hp. NB.


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