Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Photobucket is down, photos unable to be uploaded. Sob.

Friday late night out with JKXJ and cherynn.
Had a short meet up with Mickey and we had our Beancurd.
Had a great time with their company.

Saturday towned with JKXJ.
Cherynn joined in ltr for alittle shopping.
Stayed over at Yingxuan's place with volleyball peeps.
What was said and heard, STAYS IN THAT ROOM.

Once i reached, we all sat down and played murderer. lols... i think camp atmosphere better.
Then played alot of games and SECRETS were dug out like some miners looking for gold.
"i never ......" game, Indian poker, truth or truth, true or dare ETC.
Many cups (6-7 of them) of vodkas were spilled. one cup even flew 50cm down onto the floor and created a little splash of cherryade vodka! Thanks to bala and my hand. i bet everyone got a little stain of that splash.
Slept at 4am, woke up at 10am. watched abit of tv. then headed to JP for bentobox.

Reached home, bathed then rushed out again to meet JKXJ, jack and cherynn at VIVOCITY.
Was super tired, but i wanted to meet JKXJ one last time. so i just kept dozing off in the MRT. haha.. anyway, he sent me to work then i had my shift from 6-10pm.
Knocked out once i reached home.

Today no school for me. SICK. Zzz.
Sore throat, cough, flu... i think im lack of the fever.
But feeling weak is enough. Sighs!

I lost my voice for yesterday's presentation and i think i screwed it up.
Tml is another presentation, hopefully my voice will be better.
I didnt even talk to darling last night cause i didnt want him to know i was sick. Sob. Tonight how sia.


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