Monday, June 18, 2007


Ive uploaded quite a number of photos. And i still have more. =x
I better Dont explode the Bandwidth. So i shall save it for another day to blog.

Friday i came back from camp. Feeling Shag and Tired, i reached home, bathed and changed then went out to meet Mom and Sis. Mom cheated me. She said "lets go shopping" over the phone. But in actual fact, my sister was looking for a Purple Dress for her sister's morning wedding Tea Ceremony -.-
So i dragged my feet around Town. Then we had Jap food =D

Reached home, mahjonged with them till 2am. Zzz.
Immediately fell into bed and into my LALA-Land.

Saturday work. WooohOooo.. JKXJ called me! its been 3 days since he called.
Chatted for awhile then he headed to bed le.
Work was alright.. Went to look for Fish after work then we headed home together.

Sunday, as usual, work. Forgot to bring my jacket, was cold on the bus~~ It was raining for a Day plus le. Weather super bad, made me sneeze. =(
Initiated to sms JKXJ first. And i guess he needed that sms more than me =)
Glad to make him happy.
Smsed on-off through the day.

Dinner Slammed in early tonight. 6pm, we were half full upstairs. Stock up Sideplates and Saucers like SIAO-KIAs. we ran down to "steal" 4 times in total. Thats Madness.
War 3 times tonight. Was fun with the crews!
But something bad is happening, my right knee hurts. Damn. its not the left now, its the right! die.. wonder what happened =/

Right after i sms JKXJ i ended work le, he called me. MADNESS! we chatted for quite long. and he let me hear SNORES. LOL. damn funny.. he say i bad by saying the person sound like Toad. Then i feel he is worst, cause he went to put the phone beside the guy sleeping (snoring)
So JKXJ "accompanied" me home. =)

Hmm.. had a talk with him. Gees. i really dont know what is going on. but i pretty much need a break.
Anyway, Super looking forward to next fri and sat!

Reached home, typed on my keyboard non-stop.
Saw something that made me tear. Fucking shit. i should not be feeling this way. But, seriously, what the hell does he want man.

Anyway, Bro's gg to be out of town for a MONTH! DOUBLE BLESSING!
Dad's on holiday till next wed. Mum's going malaysia on next sat. LOL.
Everybody is taking turns to stay out of home. Hoohoohoo..


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