Sunday, June 3, 2007

Rich Juniors

I was hopping through my junior's blogs.
They are shopping... and updating pictures of shopping bags and how they're enjoying life. =/
Lol... to think about it, its been a month since i last shopped. and i dont know where all my last month's pay went (i think to the taxi drivers)

Anyway, one of the blog photos caught my eyes.
OKAY, i know i got TONS of jackets.. and im like, wanting a slip-on sweater from GAP now..
BUT, the new adidas jacket is nice lar! i think the blue white and purple white is nice. o.O
Dawn: Have you seen it out there?

Hmmm.. its the GSS. Its time to date my mum out to shop. Its been a long time since she pamper me with clothes. haha! okay..... or maybe a long time since i updated my blog with new clothes! Hah!
All along, im financially independent. Until recently, she gave me $50 for no reason.
Ewwww... i think she knows my this month pay is the LOWEST ever.
So, its not a sin that i date my mum out with an expensive motive.

Ciao! back to books.
FMGT tml~

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