Saturday, June 30, 2007

Its friday - confession

OMG! what can i say, its friday! and im out late again. Hoho.

Morning school - Blaw lecture.

Afternoon town - Rainiee accompanied me insearch of something, but failed. instead, i shopped abit. haha!

Night work - freaking busy. 9pm still Full-house. Training of trainee. Then Coach her do night duty. Not-bad. Fast learner. =)

Midnight Xing, Jack and Cherynn - Jack didnt look bad lar! i think hes okay with botak. Think too much lar... hahaha.. Went Bedok Ba-chor-mee.. Not bad sia.

Had a talk with Xing. Goodness - smack my face man. i dunno how am i going to look at him anymore. Blushed alittle. >.<

Tired Girl.. Nights everyone.


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