Monday, June 18, 2007

Indoor Vball. Worried over Xing

Have been sneezing since last night. And this morning, it got worst. It was OMG~~~ SNIFFF!!
Woke up during intervals to blow my stupid nose. -.-

Finally climbed outta bed and got ready for today's Indoor's volleyball games!
Thanks to mingyao, we manage to play indoor again. 1pm to 7pm =)
Hmmm.. i think this time it isnt that HIGH compared to the last time.
I dont know lehs.. The last time had alot of BING BIANG and digging it up. This time, quite okay only lehs.
Maybe its JUST ME~ Felt very lethargic towards the end of the games.

Played Games after Games.. "Flew" here and there, slides and kneeing once in awhile. Service upper hand throughout the day (i guess im gg to have muscle aches liao) then spike quite a number. Hehehe.. one out ball for today. not that bad eh~
My leg muscle aches now~~~

Went to Holland.V BK to have our dinner.. Looked at the Camp photos and Viewed the Videos on Ben's laptop. OMG! fugging funny. i think i cannot upload some. SUPER PG sia. wahaha.
Had Some talks then headed home. Tired yet tml is another long day.

It was 8pm going to 9pm le. I was already hogging on to my phone. Was wondering why JKXJ nvr sms me. So i smsed him instead. I seriously felt something amiss. but i just thought he maybe sway sway tonight kanna outfield training or what. End up, 930 i called his hp, it was on.
Damn. i rang twice and hung up. Cursing and swearing, thinking why his hp is on and he didnt reply.
Ended up he called me and said he just on his phone. Anyway, we started smsing and i found out he was in sickbay. Having torn his leg muscles before, he tore it again. Worried shit =( he cannot sms le and he was waiting for the ambulance. He may-be having an op tonight. but i cant contact him till he contact me tml. =( ARGHS!!! why he push so hard on himself. There goes my fri and sat~~ still very worried.


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