Monday, July 24, 2006

got pissed off

Yesterday i was sent into the kitchen to be 2nd runner. heng my runner is Maya and not Wesley. if not i mati le.
anyway, life in there was not hectic cause i worked morning!! tsk tsk. at one point of time, it was damn confusing cos the printer was spoiled and food were mixed up. =/
luckily, things got back on track after about 30mins.

anyway, im in no mood to blog out my photos.

went to grands house ytd to celebrate jie's birthday.
upon reaching there, i recieved a sms and i called js.
after asking him some things, i got very angry and pissed off so i sms "him" and flared.
F. u dun wan me to go then u say.. dun tell me that u wan a dinner just u and me. it was suppose to be as a group. and now u rather have dinner with them than have ME inside. what is this. then ask me wanna come anot. NO. i wont go. i asked u how abt js for the dinner, and u ignored that question. y cannot have them around? u initally ask me to go and i agreed cause is together eat, so not so pai seh. then u spoil my mood like this.
i had to have my dinner alone at sushi tei because of u. because of U, i didnt go to my friend's birthday steamboat. arghs!!

then my dayi started to ask me abt the warning letter from my school for LMS class. i got slightly pissed off cause my mum went around telling EVERYONE. even my grandma knows lar!

let me tell u this, i only missed the class ONCE and because it is a once a week class, thus, attendence % deducts faster than other modules. IT IS NOT AN EXAM MODULE and i didnt skip more than once!
Less than 10mins after i explain, my eryi came into the living room and asked me the same question. being very tired, i flared, raise my voice and ask her to stop asking me. i know some of my relatives can see that i was pissed off le. so they helped me explain. seriously, stop asking me. it has been weeks since the letter came. and it is a computer generated letter. i bet my teacher even remembers my name lar! benedict didnt even kanna the letter when he missed class on the same day as me. wth.

i know my mood sucks.

i wanna improve it too.. even IS classmates also say i look very fierce that day. i not PMS-ing hor. just that, everything is driving me crazy. nothing makes me look forward. all that i wanted, didnt come. arghs!!



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