Saturday, June 3, 2006

POA test

i screwed my damn bio-clock AGAIN.

yesterday morning, met my IS group at a earlier time, in order to discuss our project. seriously, i know im a big time slacker as a IAC group leader, BUT, i'll do my best and get things done bahs. heng got king kong help me. if not, i dont know where to start from.

as usual, i was late again. BUT not as bad as the other day. wahahaha.. i spent my time there playing game and listening too. at least, i contributed abit of my idea. we like writing MCS drama sia. -.-

figured that im kind of like king kong's translator. he has many "Da Dao Li" and he speaks like Monk preaching. and we are always BLUR when he starts his "Da Dao Li".. so end up, im always the one who rephrase what he said and make the others understand. though i dont know if im right, but, It seems right~ wahaha!

after school met Ray, Js, Yx and Jac at atrium. installed CS from js. then went down to Jp to get Max's present. felt bad, cause couldnt make it to his bbq at night. xiao xiao yi si. hope he will like it from us.

went to meet js at hyss. but we were late, so almost everyone went off le. went to Jon's house there de coffeeshop cause we were trap in the rain. Js ate, and we chatted - as usual.

got home, felt real tired, went to sleep first. DARN. this is the part, i forget to set alarm and i slept till 1.30am. -.-" i end up going to school this morning without a sleep. >.<

did POA test. arghs~ bek cek. studied format, but! the format was given and we had to fill in the transection -.- heng i studied 2 principles. and it came out. the other 2 principle answer hor, i dont know that TERM is a PRINCIPLE lehs -.-" so obviously, i wrong lorhs.. =/ heng others still can get marks here and there. =D

arghs.. im sleepy now. and my hands are itchy - i need volleyball (addiction)


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