Sunday, May 7, 2006

Sat's day at work

Mum woke me up in the morning asking if i wanted to go to queensway to buy my vball shoe. but i was abit blur. i remembered i said "yes" and she said she was afriad that the shops wont open so early. but ended up, she told me she'll bring me on sunday - tml, to buy cause i looked very tired and i had to work later.

went back to work today. this is like the FIRST time i work on a sat in citylink and in the evening. -.- hehe.. i was eating snake from 8pm to 1030pm. no one sia.. then joseph B was quite slack too. so i hid behind the toaster area and sms, while eating my dinner. oh! dinner was prepared by eileen auntie. so sweet of her. she cooked glutinous rice for everyone as dinner. then we had soup too. ;) nice to eat sia.

on my media player and listened to music too.. very fun.
it was quite busy from 3pm - 6pm. kept very quiet at that time and had to clear up some mess. joseph A apparently flare up halfway at a Ah peh. iyohs.. actually is that Ah peh nvr pay money then wanna drink kopi lorhs. -.-

was very happy to see sara before 3pm. =) came to know that she and ya-mei are good frens. =/ seriously, im really scared of the seniors. i know some of them are quite frenly like enen and ya mei they all. but still..... they nvr tok to i and yx, of course we scared lar! guess they have a bad impression of us le.. if not why they liddat. =(

i so want sara to join vball lorhs! she can be a very fun person to play and gossip with. =P now got nicholas and wei qing le.. plus tiff they all. SMILES everyone!

it was already 11pm when work ended. had to make my way down to orchard Paragon to meet dawn, ange and nat. got lost halfway cause the way to taka was closed liao. so i came out from this unknown exit and found myself seeing "the coffee bean" sign opposite. walked my way there then realise that it was "the coffee bean" at borders. -.-!!

called dawn and told her i was lost. expected enough, she knew it. haha!!
im always lost in orchard, bugis and suntec. lols...
anyway, i manage to find my way to paragon. was quite disappointed not to see sichyi there anymore. after all, they went out with the other 4e2 guys to clelebrate belated chyi's bday mahs. then they left early le.

we sat down for awhile then went to mandrian hotel to find the toilet to use. waited for cab there, but the queue didnt move for bloody 20 mins. it was mignight le lor... then there was a "ji nu" in front of us. >.<>

reached home only before 1am liddat. mum was amazingly not home. no wonder no call from her. =X guess she went mahjong. cause its almost 3am now, and she's still not home.

bathed and slack on the sofa, expecting myself to watch some tc show.. ut every single bloody channel, except channel U is the election thing!! until 3am lehs.. -.-Zzzz .. PAP won 82 seats out of 84. and lost 2 constitution. switched off the tv and hide in my room. now, blogging and munching SNACKS!

i know i should be studying abit now.. but im sooooo.. tired and procrasting!

arghs~ suan le. tml bahs!



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