Saturday, February 18, 2006

Cant Sleep

this totally sucks.

ever tried tossing around your bed for hours?
completing levels of Worms Fort game?
then completing the whole damn game of "Allod"
Geez~ and i still cant sleep.
bear in mind, its 5am now. -.-

i dont feel a sign of tiredness, feel like ringing up my baobei and ask him to pei me, but i think 80% he will knock my head off. =/ so i resorted to signing up a neopets account.
lalala.. played game after game after games!
AND ... i still cant sleep. -.-

tomorrow will be a long day for me. my sis bf's sister is coming over to deliver the wedding cakes. got to be out of bed by 11am. (wonder how am i gonna do it) anyway, i will just end up half grumpy.

just in case some of you are curious, or perheps wondering, or maybe figuring out.....
i didnt choose Jc .. instead, i decided to go for poly, still. after all, im better with hands on then books. =x

1- Tourism and Resort Management (NP)
2- Tourism and Resort Management (SP)
3- Business Studies (NP)
4- Business Admin (SP)
blar~~~~ i filled all 12 up. but i dont think i will end up in the 12th choice, right?
let me see.. i think 12th is early childhood (NP) lols..

so... anyway, going into ngee ann? tell me and inform me. so i wont feel lonely. si chyi and dawn chose SP in the 1st choice. =(

actually i still have some random photos available, but havent edit. hees.

im a procrastinator.


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