Wednesday, January 4, 2006

First Day?

business today was good. and i suppose, everyone missed our coffee after the long weekend. btw, happy new year and for those who went back to school, how was it?
heard that school laksa only 80cents ar? haha.. but one price, one quality lor.
anyway, i'll be heading back school soon to see teachers and friends. honestly, kind of miss the days le. miss ah chyi beside me and telling me that she lost something, but in actual fact, she just misplaced it. =/
anyway, as i went to work today at 12pm. i saw some small gi-na on the mrt le. thinking abt it, i can bully them! *tsk tsk* cause if they argue, i'll just say that their just some small kids in uniform. lols!!
but many of my primary school friends went to 3mths Jc. so im the one of the only few left out to work.
just figured out too that jurong primary has officially moved into the new building and their school now got two uniform, one the new one, and another is the jurong primary de =/ i wonder what happen to the boon lay primary uniform. Hmmmm..
OOhhhh!! pay is coming in later into my bank, thats what i heard.
hehe.. later must go and print bank book le... saddest thing is, im having CPF 20% reducion from my PAY!
WTH *drops her jaw*
gotta work harder... and harder le.

got a digi camera le.. not a fantasically new one (wont tell u the reason why)
but better than nothing lar.

wonder hows my friends in school.. im still thinking if i should do relief teaching anot.
see results lar. *shrugs*


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