Saturday, December 10, 2005

More Updates

Lalalala.. im back to blog, xinyan =x
sorry... ive been really busy last week. mon-thurs was chalet. and my i celebrated with my bao bei. he gave me a very lovely ring.. took a pic of it with his camera, but we're both busy, so he havent send me lor.
then sat i had to work full day. and sun was off day for me. but mama was in a good mood, so she brought me out to orchard to shop !!! wowoooo... bought a dress for CNY, my private clothings and a wallet. gosh... this wallet have followed me almost one yr and its dirty le.. its time to change =)
then mama brought me to eat korean food.. yummmy... not bad.

this week mon-fri is morning shift. heng sat and sun no need to work. if not go there hit mosquito liao. sat and sun the sales is almost 1/3 of our normal days lehs.
travelling there can help me replenish my one hr of lack of sleep lor. i can already catch the timing of sleeping from jurong right up to payar labar, then wake up =X

working there is fun.. and not much pressure. plus the fact, not much places will hire and put u with ur friends lor. we are one lucky batch of people.
although far.. but bo bian. luckily got friends. and BOSS is funny.

chalet was fun too.. we had taupok sessions in the middle of the night and we played poker games. didnt really play mahjong. we actually watched the chicken little VCD de. budden everyone was so tired, so ended up all fall asleep. lols.
we really became closer and the guys were damn funny. esp weiqiang. he really ought to be shot to death with his gay-ness. wahahahahas!! we had alot of A videos on dawn's camera lor..

tml is cheryll and yanzai last round of audition.. i really wish cheryll all the best !! i wanna re-use the banner we did during the chalet lehs !!! all the way girl !! tml after work, chiong down liao.

yusliza: i dint really attend the chalet, so i dont really know what happened.
rachel: same address for ur blog?
passerby: i think i bought it for 5dollars plus at mini toons marina south.
Nson: yarh lar.. u got the heart. i still keeping that rou mah msg lehs. lols... !!


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