Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Today my bao bei go penang le. that naughty boy, left me alone in singapore and dont want to package me into his bag. sob sob =(
he go find penang xiao mei mei liao..

lalalalalala! but nevermind!! i'll turn naughty here with my girlfriends then! tsk tsk..
kick him one side for the time being. =)

this morning, took a cab again. waited for 15mins for my darling 334 bus, and it came so late that i had to take a cab lor. luckily i was late. then saw boss and new manager.
today something happened, New manager who came yesterday, today quit liao. -.-
i think he is the second manager that happen this way, last time also got one, go dont know which branch for a week than back out liao. quite sad to see new manager leave, but bo bian. now have to stick with that boos and Joe manager.
i think they are damn funny. lols.
working there is quite fun because you always see that few customers. and gradually, we know what they wanna have le.
we have a kopi-O gao guy and a Kopi Gao siudai guy.
plus another chinese who is a Ice-milo freak. lols.
then got a guy who drinks kopi take away and wants a hole on his cover.
another 2 angmos who drinks Americano and Latte w/o foam and with sugar. lols...
QIANG mahs?!!
yeah yeah yeah...
dawn and i are zui jia pai dang sia.
i think that 6 guys sure very shock that every time we know what they want.

after work, dear dawn came my house to naughty with me and my computer.
when she is using the com, im sleeping. when im using, she's sleeping.
her poor computer is sick, ye c. hees.
im such a nice GIRLFRIEND! =D
i regretted not raping her then. *smacks*

missh dear very munchy. handphone bill also onna EXPLODE le.
bo bian.


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