Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas

merry xmas!
this christmas seems very normal.. except, i spent my xmas eve with my working mates from coffee and toast. they were very fun and crazy.. basically, i laughed till i cant eat.
i had missed out on my aunt's christmas party. heard that there were many food!! and people.. gees~ i miss it.

had christmas dinner with dawn, chyi, shawn, nat and dear. went to swensen suntec to eat then walk around.. but all of us were very tired. so we ended up at esplanade roof, taking pics and then taking a cab home.

i am so excited and looking forward to thurs cos going to mr lee house to play with his dog, ginger!! oh my god.. it must be very cute.. if not mr lee and the wife wont dote it so much. =p hees..

anyway, working seems fine. had a new manager in our outlet who is only 24.. he abit ah beng ah beng lor.. then quite nice to talk with. managed to learn how to make the kopi, teh and toast le.. wahahahaha! im good! just that cutting the bread into half seems... ermmmmm... 20% successful only. =/
hahaha.. but i'll keep trying to get it perfect =)

okay.. im very tired now.. sorry no pics today.. i will upload once dawn sends them to me. =)


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