Saturday, December 3, 2005

First day at work

today its my first day at work. a training day at raffles place coffee and toast. wakakakaka.. there very fun. and the uncle and auntie very nice. got up very early in the morning and met js, dear, dawn and chyi. we all hop on the train lor. then reached there 30mins earlier =) got briefed and changed to the polo-tee. it doesnt look as bad lar.. quite like it anyway, but i guess i wont after awhile le bahs. hahahas..
ended work at 2pm then went back to jp. ate somethings and pei dear, js and dawn buy things.
headed back home and sleep. tired.. and having a slight sore throat.. terrible~

next week is chalet and work lehs.. hiong liao. tml is at payar labar to see the new site and get use to it. mon will be the first day of opening of that new outlet and i'll be put there for 2 wks..
YARHS! its far.. but train is a nice transport to sit and stand in. cos it doesnt shake much mahs..

tml is work... then mon to thurs chalet... dun miss me wor. anithing msg me k?

feeling happy.. tml bing long coming back.. got present le !!


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