Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Piece Of News

cheryll got in..
i bet many of you have heard of that news.
and later today another Ex-huayian(cannot say his name) is going for the audi.
Hmmm.. i have great confidence in him getting through. if nothing screws up, i bet he can "wow" the audience like he once did in the huayi hall. hahas..

then i recieved the recording from jon. Hmmm.. cheryll, you sang well despite your very very obvious nervous. hahas.. i watch the performance i almost heart attack if i was watching the moment before the results were out. scared me to death. if you watch the video, you'll really think "omg.. i really look very nervous" but congrats to you. =)

i started browsing through channelU.com.sg, as usual, to see if got hot news anot. then i click on the lastest campus superstar link. alamak.. and i saw this pic!

look who's beside junyang!
no! not that auntie... its cheryll !! =D

i also saw that RJC girl actually also contested for the Project Superstar (jue dui superstar) but didnt get in. (im too lazy to post her pic here) then there was the twins, aged 13, that really made all of us "wah seh.. they can sing" i hope they can get through the second audition this sunday. hmmm.. guess we're gonna support cheryll this sunday again! and i hope that ex-huayian will get through too. =)

today went down to the post office to collect my mum's registered bulky item. then went to hke to meet ronald so that he an teach me the mistakes i made in the TYS i did. tmd.. the TYS i got had many mistakes in answer! arghs~~
they said Slag can remove impurities when they had also the option of limestone. -.-"
at hke.. saw shengwei, jo, crystal and xinyi mei etc.. tried the new "shake" fries too.. YUMMY!! nice nice.. hees..
then went home after 2-3hrs outside.

Tonight is a BRrrrrrrr cold weather.
ive been wearing my jacket and not on-ing the fan.

Lalalalala... Last paper coming up!!!
up up up!!!
last last last!!!


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