Thursday, October 20, 2005

O level Sci Pract

Should i cheer or something?
felt so sad after i left the AVA room (quarantine room). then kept thinking of the worst that can happen to my science Grades. =X
alamaks.. then i was so sleepy.. and tired.
then i decided to cheer myself up by spending $3 to buy TEENS.
wahahahhahaa..... 5566 !!!

the practical had many different answer.
E.g Lead(II) nitrate?
Zinc nitrate?
Ammonium nitrate?
or mabe Aluminium nitrate.
i got aluminium nitrate lor..
Hmmm.. although is over. but sure xin yang yang wanna know the answer de mahs.

as for physics. i hope im right.
i got 13.5 for gradient.
anyone out there same as me???

tag on my board and tell me if your answer for chemistry and physics is the same from mine anot.
at least i know who out there is lying in the same situation as me.
tsk tsk.. =p

tml is graduation day le.
haish haish haish.
so fast lehs!!!
oh my god.
by then O level will have pass.
and i am no longer a huayian. >.<
sounds saddening right?
hahahas.. getting depress le. =X

i want to go do some reading of magazine le.


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