Friday, October 21, 2005

Graduation Day

yeaps.. today was my graduation day. Unofficially graduated, i should say. no Cert, no nothing. how to count as graduated lehs. there was only a piece of testimonial, many tears, photos and signatures left on this last day.

morning we sat in the Quad till 830am. we had our O levels briefing and a small prize giving session. for the first time, 4-2ers clapped as loud as we could for a simple prize called "appreciation to the class committee" lols.. it was basically given out to every class lor, nothing special. then Hanming got the dinstinction for Australian maths. =X wah lau.. smart kia. he was the only one in our class we got it too.. heez.

went back to class. mdm ng told the chinese students the last preparation for the Os. then she left. haish. sad to say, she left us with no photos, signatures nor email cause she did not go for the graduation ceremony. she went home. =( then mdm fong came in. we started to go crazy and take out camera and markers to sign. machiam like qian ming hui sia. then got a very nice card for mr lee. after reading it, i felt "not forgotten in the eyes of him" =) then ms agnes came in and we continue signing. hahas.. fun fun fun. laugh laugh laugh. soon, some councillors came up and told us the briefing for the ceremony. AGAIN, take pictures arh!! thanks for wei long and ronald's camera.. then i got many pics!! Ms ma gave the a card too.. and mrs cheong gave us a really LONG pencil. =X

ceremony started.. we had slideshows by the teachers. they wrote encouraging words lor.. so touching =X then we had mrs kong to give us a speech.. kaos.. she cry again. then we cry abit. then i represented my class to go on the stage to cut the cake for the teachers. quite bo liao lar.. -.-"

then we had photos and we had to go up on the stage to shake hands with all the teachers and get our testimonials. blehs. hate that part. shed lots of tears. being the second class to be up. there were many teachers standing there. most of them knew me given my reputation in school. so i was super touched by the words. really got to thank mdm nisha too.. before the end of the thing, we were ask to look under our chairs to get a gift. lols.. it was a very funny baby photo. the body was a baby and the head was our face. -.-"

so sorry no pics for this entry.. haven got the photos and the time to scan the class pics. i will upload after i get them k? =)

madey feels sad to leave her frens.
madey feels sad to no longer able to run in and out of class, slack in toilets and copy homeworks =X
madey will feel sad if anyone forgets her..
madey will be disappointed if anyone doesnt welcome her back to school. =(

madey feels happy to finish the course of studying for 4years.
madey feels happy to have made so many frens and nice teachers.
mr lee, ms roberts, mdm ng, mdm khaw, ms agnes, mrs pan (who brought me into the world of public speaking) etc..
frens: my sisters (u know who u r lar.. the D.A.N.S.J), 4-2ers, those always go bowling together de, HYSC (alicia and rachel u all including sec2 and 3s), sec1s, volleyballers and many many more..

madey got to work hard le..
madey wants to be always able to play vball in future too.
madey looks forward to the end of Os.
madey looks forward to the frens chalet too..
Madey looks forward to next year coming back to hyss.
madey looks forward to helping out more in HYSC.
HYSC still rules in my heart.

madey got to do TYS liao..
madey got to faster book timing with teachers to study and ask MORE questions.
madey will faster upload pics k?

love euu..

i maybe forgotten by you, but not by me.
cause you made a difference in my life.


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