Monday, October 24, 2005

Back in School

Madey is going crazy.. she's feeling so excited about tomorrow. MOVIE and Studying.
Movie- my first Nc-16 show im going to watch. The Wig. Horror and Gore. Wow!
Yesh, i know. im paying money to scare myself. and maybe for the next few nights i wont stay up late and comb my hair in front of the mirror. But- who cares! i want to watch a NC-16 show before my Os!! =)
after movie is STUDY. maybe going to go back to school and meet yus+ronald. Lets hope i wont be too tired.

Next, Madey is crazy. she barely slept last night. =X
she was in front of her papers mugging away. and the later it got, the more energetic she got. Gosh. 8am a sms to Ronald, asking him to accompany her to school and answer her "idiotic" questions. lols.. i think Ronald must be thinking im so stupidclever. =D
anyway, after that, khaw came down and chatted with us. telling us how sian she was. lols.
4-2ers: got any question can go back ask her. she got alot of time b4 2pm =X
then we chatted till 2pm.
met up with dear and other friends for lunch. One group of us went down to jp to eat Pizza Hut then went back to school and continue to mug till 6.30. Hais.. seriously, i dont like to wear the school skirt to school.. so idioticstupid.

On the way to Jp. we sat on the bus 187. then this group of guys, obviously not sec4s, were playing away. Ass~ they started to hit the chair beside them and this pile of dust started to fly around the bus. btw, they sat behind me. then the uncle beside me got abit pissed off and look back at them. Heng they said sorry, if not lao niang flare liao.
cause later on, my eyes started to itch and obviously i began to rub lo. suddenly, i realise my right eye lens was missing within my vision!! i faster tell ronald. then he told me maybe it was somewhere in my eyes, only not in place. so i took out my PINK mirror and started to "find" it. wow! luckily its still inside- at the top right hand corner. couldnt blink it down. so bo bian have to use my hands to shift it down (i cleaned my fingers with a lens drop le-dont worry).
but this did not end. i ended up having a red right eye for my lunch. =(
To that group of guys: stop playing on the bus when you all are ONE BIG GROUP in your school uniform and hitting people's chair in front. damn irritating. dont be surprise one day someone turns around and scold you again.


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