Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Girl By The Swing

 photo _MG_8084.jpg
Have you seen her before? Her name is called Gorjuss Girl and she has been featured in alot of wallets, notebooks, mugs etc merchandises in gift stalls. Even though she doesn't have a smile on her face, but the person who drew her portrayed her expressions through her "posture". Even though the default colorings for her is always dark and gloomy, e.g. maroon, grey, black, dirty green etc, but i choose not to color her this way! i prefer my images to be in happy colors or should i say, brighter colors? :) Anyway, i couldn't think of a sentiment that matched her, so i decided to make this into a "thank you" = 10q card.

 photo _MG_8116.jpg
Oh! And surprise surprise, she was watercolored! haha.. that explains why her face is so white and her clothes have not enough gradient. Got to keep practicing yea?


Hi, could i ask where would you be able to buy gamsol in sg?

Hi, Gamsol can be bought from Maple Treehouse online store. Alternatively, you can buy another brand. i bought mine from ArtFriend under the rack that sells oil painting liquids and inks. Windsor & Newton brand, Solvents Sansodor. You might want to get a small container and put a wash plate sponge into it. then add the sansodor in so your stump can slowly absorb the solvent - much more convenient.

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