Saturday, May 10, 2014

Upcycling A Can

My mum passed me an aluminum can the other day and told me she wanted me to do a simple deco for her to put her office pens. Hmmmm... simple......? Not quite possible~ I had to do something cute! Something complicated! So she won't throw it away after using for a few months! So i went ahead to choose the animals that she loved!

Lawn Fawn Critters In The Farm are perfect for this!

Gesso-ed the background. Painted it with blue and green acrylic paint. Stamp and copic color the images before cutting them out. Great challenge was arranging them and rotating the can again and again so the images look "logical". I mean, i won't want to see 2 rabbits side by side... haha!

Next, i applied tons of mod podge to seal the images onto the can. Had to press them down before moving on to the next image because the can is round and the images kept popping up while the glue is wet! Kept telling myself "Patience.......".

And so, ta-da! Love the vibrant colors and cute animals!


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