Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy 50th Anniversary

Happy New Year Everyone! I know i am pretty late for all my Christmas and New Year greetings!

After the Christmas Flea at Lock + Store, i spent the rest of the 2012 making and delivering all the customised card orders. And as the holiday season approached, i dropped my papers and scissors to celebrate the holiday! Numerous Christmas parties to attend and i went for my holiday trip during 27th to 30th Dec! So right after coming back, AGAIN celebrated the New Year together with my friends and family. On the 26th Dec, our family welcomed a new addition to the family, which my my nephew, Caleb. He was supposed to be a Xmas baby because my sister went into the hospital on the 24th, but i guess he decided to stay in and only came out on the 26th morning. haha..! So other than my busy personal life, i also had a very busy full time job to attend to. *Phew* So that explains my disappearance in here and on facebook!

Anyway, i don't have any new card to share, but here's an old one that i made in Dec and i would like to share with you all.

We don't very often see people celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.. Hence, I'm a lucky one who is honored to do a card for them. Congratulations~

A different style, but I'm happy with it.


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