Saturday, October 27, 2012


This is not a card! This is a card sketchbook! And if you don't know what that is....then just treat it like a notebook! No notebook covers should be boring.. And if i'm going to design fun and cute cards, i will need a fun and cute book to pen my ideas on! A few weeks ago when i started brainstorming for my this year's Christmas card series, i posted a post on sketching ideas.. So this is the book that i will be sketching in.

This is obviously, again, inspired by someone~ And she's a very famous lady in the cardmaking industry... named Kristina Werner. Love her, her cards and her cat.. Absolutely cute. So if you want to know where i got the template for the sketchbook and how to make it, just head over to this post here.

Upclose of the cover. Most important thing to note is not to make the cover too thick/dimensional or popped-up with foams because you will be writing/drawing inside. So the best supplies i could use were my washi tapes and doodlebug alphas, with minimal papers.

This is how the book look like and the papers cannot be too thick or the middle of the papers won't fold down well. And if you notice, there is nothing popping out from the cover.

Inside of the book remains simple and boxes are meant for me to sketch my card front layout.

Till then, i will be back from my holiday to post more cards or ideas!


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